Bad or good…it doesn’t matter which or why. We are put into situations by God for his only Reason and we are not supposed to question it.

Even though many of us do anyway. I don’t go a day without some question about something. We all do it.  Teens question everything all the time anyway, and that’s cool. Your supposed to.  Your at the age for that!

These situations we are put into are either negative or positive. In my August 10 post, I mentioned how we really just have two choices every day of our lives. Young or old, you guys are responsible for making this choice:

Are you going to look at things that happen in a postive manner or negative one? Am I going too have a bad behaviors, or do the very best that I can and see things as they are?

Individualy as you encounter situations…think “Positive? or Negative?”

Life is just about 2 choices. Its not my idea, or other people’s idea…it is what it is…human nature. When you really think about things that happen or occur, they can be described either as negative or positive. Taking the negative way, keeps you away from probably some of the most influential people and experiences of your life.

Staying positive opens the road for you. You feel better by nature. You don’t have to try to like and appreciate. You just do. You are easier with people, things go easier and school actually seems pretty bearable and you get along so much easier for people!

Here’s the thing…you don’t HAVE to TRY with this. It just happens.

Every day you should say to yourself: today I am going to take things as positive as I can and see how it goes.


I just recently joined the Toastmaster’s organization Bob Lieman Club here in Fort Wayne. I have always wanted to join but never took the time. Check them out and if interested, please see where the nearest club is for you: www.toastmasters.org. Toastmaster’s focuses on development. Professional and public speaking development with contests and bi-monthly meetings to allow members to share their public speaking and leadership talents.

Anyway, I digress…get used to it…it’ll be fun 🙂

I just entered my very first speech competition today and won first place! To be honest with you, I probably should NOT have won, as there were sooo many other talented and long-time fellow Toastmaster’s that certainly had the right. But, as I approached the front of the room…I just began to speak as if this power was given to me to have the strength, courage humor (humorous speech competition) and skill to compete so successfully! I know I like to talk and am very good at it. I’m a great public speaker, so my skills and hard work paid off.

But there was this spirit that was drilled into me and I accepted it and ran with it.

Do you ever feel that inner-spirit? Do you know what I mean? Have you ever felt a moment, or a time where something really awesome…I mean friggin’ awesome happened to you like passing a huge test, going on a date, talking to your bf or gf on the phone (and it just going so right). Did you ever maybe think for a second…how could this have happened? Ever consider that there is a higher Power doing this for you. We’re not getting that heavy here, so don’t worry. Keep reading. 🙂

I’m not writing this to convert you. I’m here to ask you to just think about that fact that there is someone else controlling our purpose. If you go to school and continue to go day to day with a sour-puss attitude, or just a plain shitty attitude, there will be no inner-spirit, because you won’t open it up for them.

When you first think in the morning that you will be as positive as possible and take things with stride, there’s this opening that starts. As you go through your day and realize teacher really aren’t that bad, that secretary in the office really isn’t a biotch, or Mom really isn’t down my throat that much…that void opens up even more and allows you to build that inner-spirit.

That’s what can drive you daily. Its called pay-back from God for all the good that you do.

Think about it.  I’ll be back. 🙂