I just remembered my first day at Columbia College after graduating high school.  I was starting new courses in Chicago, a city with which I was NOT familiar. Anyhow, my first class went fine.  A lot of weird-ass people going to these classes, but it’s the big city as they say!

Anyhow, on my way to my second class, things were going well and I went to relieve myself (#1) before heading in. I left the bathroom and proceeded to walk onto the elevator, down the hall and into class. All the way to class I kept wondering why I was getting odd looks and kind of weird smirks. Well as I sat down and grabbed my book in class, with the teacher looking at me, I noticed stream of toilet paper stuck to my shoe.


There ya go guys…if your nervous about entering your first day of something…high school, college or a job, think of this story and try not to top that. 🙂

Life is like a picnic…you have so many choices and so many lives to touch, but just one afternoon to do it in.

Make whatever you are doing the best…you really only get one chance.

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Keith, The Hope Chest