When they say, money does not grow on trees, well yeah, they’re kind of right. but, after searching through this list of scholarship sites and all the money available from companies and people that want to give it to you. There are literally millions of dollars in scholarships that never get awarded. Look now at what you can do to fully pay for your entire college career!

There is so much being said regarding federal funding and the need for oversight of higher education, grants and programs that are now closely regulated and monitored as a result of the government’s involvement.

Now the back and forth is and continues to be the amount actually available for students to attend college. I wouldn’t count on it.

I’m sorry and wish I had better news for you, but just look around and see how so much of what we are doing now and the money we are spending will be a direct burden on all of us in the future. This includes providing more and more funds for higher education.

I remember posting articles back in the past regarding state funding, and everything else that allows government to offer assistance. Pell grants help, but not enough.


It’s scholarship time!!!

Check this list of websites I compiled that makes it so easy for you to quickly and efficiently. Now, make sure you have all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed as far as your search goes, and applying accordingly to have the best chances for free money!

Don’t mess with all the hassle.

This article I posted recently regarding the best known scholarship websites.

Student loans might be inevitable. Wait for my next article about student loans, and typical tips, tricks and FAQ’s on student loans. – aid and resources for re-entry students – will match your profile against thousands of available scholarships – offers a database with over 2,300 sources of funding – offers free scholarship searches – provides scholarship searches and personalized scholarship application assistance – Notice the “.org,” a new and different site to offer even more scholarship opportunities! – another free online scholarship search engine – Discover credit cards is a huge proponent of young people starting fresh financially. Here you go! – has over 600,000 scholarships with over 8,000 funding sources – will match profile against thousands of scholarships throughout the year – says they are the oldest and largest free scholarship search engines – offers free scholarship search, student loans and loan counseling – a new site I just found in researching! This seems like it provides a lot of variety of scholarships. Check it out, why not? – Of course. They are probably the largest provider of financial assistance. Don’t quote me on that! – another free scholarship search engine – contains both U.S. and Canadian scholarship databases – another substantial free scholarship search engine

I find these websites to be the most user friendly. They also offer a wider variety of all sorts of scholarships. They allow you to easily transfer information, create profiles and do a lot of the daily searching for you.

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Your success is my success,

Keith Lipke



Are there jobs out there that I might like better than the one I have?

What other kinds of work can I do, now that I’ve lost my job?

Where do I start my career search after college?

How can I make my current job more interesting?

How could I get paid to do the things I do for fun?

What can I do after I retire?

Don’t kick the can any further.

Honestly, these questions are asked all the time, by more people than you think. Don’t feel isolated or alone when having second thoughts, or questioning your current professional situation. Everyone does it. I do not think I have ever met anyone who was completely happy with their career/job choice since they started.

There is always something that requires or allows you to kind of take stock of where you are, or where you need to be.

If you have ever asked yourself (or pondered) on any of these questions, then maybe you need to at least take an inventory of really who you are, what you have become, and what other areas in your life can bring you just as much (hopefully more) happiness and money. There should be no excuse out there or justification for why you ask yourself these questions. You deserve it to always think of ways that you can become a better version of who you currently are. No to say what you have or are is wrong, but you woe it to yourself and any loved ones to do what makes you happy. To find a career, job or whatever it is that fits who you are as a person.

When I took the Strong® Interest Inventory Assessment, I found out about so many of my own basic interests and completely agree with about 90% of them. This report that generates actually inspires me to really think about where my next career venture might be. Right now I am good with what I am doing. i love it and feel as though it truly fulfills my passion.

What about you?

I know life is tough right now and to invest in making a change in your career means a lot more than what others may go through. You may not be able to. With mortgages, kids, cars, gifts, vacations, etc. it is sometimes tough to make such a drastic change. But maybe it’s not the CHANGE that you need to make. Maybe it’s not a big change, but a refresher of your own personality interests and why you like or dislike what you do.

A change could be what you need though. I have the ideal career exploration method that could be just what you need. With either 2 or 3 sessions, I can provide you with some guaranteed guidance toward the kind of positive changes you need to make. Sure you have developed a great expertise doing what you do now, but take that expertise and expand upon it into another opportunity. Maybe you are in high school or college and just have no clue where to go from here. This exploration method I have developed will truly get you on track.

The Free Phone Consultation

We have to start somewhere, so this 20 minute talk will allow you to explain to me your current situation and what you are dealing with, as well as where you would like to go. This will give me a chance to evaluate whether or not these assessments will work for you and provide you with lasting results.

Session 1: The Beginning of the Rest of Your Life

Once we have decided which career exploration program you feel comfortable with, we will start our first session as mostly an information-gathering opportunity. Information-gathering for both of us. This is where we will get a little deeper into your own past experiences, interests and things you have skills in. I have a series of questions that I will ask you that will help me to better know you so that I can use my best abilities to make the best decisions with you. This is your opportunity to tell me where you currently stand, basically. This will help e to better interpret the assessment that you will take.



Then the second part of our first session will be an opportunity for me to explain to you how the MBTI® assessment works. This is a simple 93 question assessment that helps to tailor your own ‘natural preferences’ and based on responses you provide, develop a very accurate and detailed Career report that will target particular careers, occupations and basic work environment interests. Believe me, this is an assessment that will lead you down the best career exploration journey. I guarantee that this career report that generates from your assessment will provide you with an exciting future of opportunities. Once you understand this, then I will send you a link to your own personal assessment to take at your leisure. No time limit, no stress. 

Session 2: The Interpretation Sessions 1 & 2: $99.00

This session will be all about interpretation. As a certified interpreter of these assessments, I will be able to accurately and efficiently assess your results through a “Career Report” that will be generated for you. This is a 10 page fully informative and descriptive portfolio of you and your career/job interests. Based on the answers to the questions in your assessment. During this second session, I will provide you with an interpretation of that report which will highlight (based on your assessment responses) where your natural behaviors/personality preferences lie and how they connect with careers. 

The second part of this session will be for us to then focus on the career/occupation choices that the report generated for you. This is the exciting part where you get to actually see your future success right before your own eyes!! This Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Report shows you your most favorite list of occupations, moderately favorite, and least favorite. 

The final part of this second session will be for us to develop a list of action steps for you to take once we have reviewed your career opportunities.

If you continue to the third session to take the second assessment, the Strong® Interest Inventory, then I will provide you with the link here. 

We can also decide at this point if a third session is necessary for me to counsel these next steps for you.

This is a chance for you to make a real change, taking a step that really is easier than you think, with the right help.

Think about it…

Your Success is My Success,